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Trash Room Repairs & Chute Closure: April 24-29

The main Trash Room located on P1 is undergoing repairs and will be cleaned, prepped, stripped of paint, and coated with a professional grade epoxy coating. In order for this work to be conducted, the trash bins will need to be removed and the trash chutes will be locked closed. Please be aware of the trash chute closures:


April 24 – 25 (6:30 am – 4:00 pm): Trash chutes will be locked and closed during the day. Trash chutes will re-open at 4:00 pm on these two days.

April 26 – 28 (All Day): Trash chutes will be locked and closed on all three days. Please do not leave your trash in the trash room closets. Residents may go down to P1 to throw away their trash in the dumpsters or wait until Saturday.

Saturday, April 29 (8:00 am): Trash chutes will be re-opened by 8:00 am on this day.

Amenity Room Carpet: Last Day to Complete the Online Survey

Blue online survey key on keyboard

Today is the last day for Aria Homeowners to complete the online survey regarding the proposed new carpet to be installed in the Amenity Room as part of the Amenity Room Remodeling Project. Homeowners will have until 6:00 pm tonight to visit the Amenity Room and see the five (5) high-quality carpet options the Architectural Committee has selected as well as to complete the online survey. Once the survey closes at 6:00 pm tonight, the Committee will review all the submissions and comments then present all the information to the Aria Board of Directors for a final selection. Every opinion and comment will be reviewed by the Board and taken into consideration when making their final selection. For a link to the survey, please refer to the original email sent to Homeowners on 4/6/2017. A link to the survey is also available in the Amenity Room or by requesting it from Management.

Trash Chute and Room Cleaning: April 12 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

On Wednesday, April 12 from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm the trash chute system and main trash room will be cleaned. This will require all the trash chute doors to be closed and locked for the duration of the work. Please refrain from attempting to throw away your trash during this time and keep it in your unit until the trash chute doors are unlocked. If you must throw away your trash during the closure time, please take it down to the dumpsters on P1. Please do not leave trash in the trash rooms. You may still place recyclable items in the bin in the trash room.

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