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Universal Recycling Station

Residents may now have a safe way to recycle light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges, and cell phones without paying special handling fees! Introducing the Universal Recycling Station located on P1 of the garage.


Universal Recycle Station


Throwing away bulbs, batteries, and electronics in the regular trash is harmful to the environment. The chemicals inside are toxic and should be recycled in a safe manner. Our Universal Recycle Station makes it free and convenient for residents to safely dispose of these types of materials. Please note that this is NOT a bin for recycling cans, bottles or cardboard. Please continue to use the regular recycle bins by the trash chutes for these items.


Accepts light bulbs, ink cartridges, batteries, and small electronic devices such as cell phones

We ask that if you are going to recycle items to please walk it over to the bin. The area on P1 in which it is located is a No Parking Zone and vehicles stopping, even momentarily, may block other residents from being able to enter their parking spaces.  The bin is visible from the garage entry gate and just pass the trash bins on the south wall.

Change Your Smoke Detector Battery


Have you ever noticed that your smoke detector battery ALWAYS starts to chirp in the middle of the night? A good rule of thumb is to replace the battery once a year to avoid this obnoxious reminder. Depending on the make and model of your smoke detector, most require a 9 volt battery. For life-safety reasons, NEVER disconnect your smoke detector.

For step-by-step instructions on how to replace your smoke detector battery please CLICK HERE

New Assessment Goes into Effect January 2017

The new budget goes into effect January 1, 2017. When paying your monthly assessments, please note the change in cost and be sure to adjust any automatic payments to avoid under-payment charges. Homeowners Click Here to sign-in to your online VIVO account, sign-up for auto-pay, get paperless statements and see your new assessment amount. A copy of the 2017 budget was mailed and emailed to homeowners in November. If you aren’t receiving emails please contact Management to ensure your contact information is updated.

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