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9/19/22 Resident Portal & Billing Update

Effective October 1, 2022, Action Property Management will be upgrading our accounting software. Three important notes: 1) During October 1-3 the Resident Portal may have limited availability, 2) Homeowner balances will initially reflect only the October assessments – any prior balance activity will be visible as soon as November Statements are generated, and 3) November Statements may be slightly delayed, but you should receive your statement during the week of October 31 – which still provides ample time to submit assessment payments within the grace period, and without any late charges. If you have any questions, please visit www.actionlife.com/contact.


On Wednesday, September 14th, from 9am to 5pm we will have our regularly scheduled water shut off to accommodate necessary and preventative homeowner and association maintenance. The affected areas are as follows:

  • 1703-2403 washer and kitchen sink stacks
  • 1701-2401 bathroom and kitchen sink stacks
  • ALL UNITS of floors 8-16 (due to the on-going riser valve replacement project)

Water will be restored to these areas as soon as the scheduled unit work has been completed and the riser valves in this middle zone have been replaced. Management and Engineering want to strongly encourage owners and residents to take advantage of these scheduled water shut offs as an opportunity to replace original angle stops or plumbing fixtures, before they fail. There have been a handful of units that recently changed possession and have been found to still have original plumbing valves or fixtures.  A leaking sink or toilet without a functional angle stop could cause great damage to both your unit and the units below if a leak begins unexpectedly and an expensive emergency water shut off is needed after hours. If you are unsure if your angle stops are in good condition you can inspect the visual condition of the angle stops or have a plumber come check if the valves function properly and are able to completely turn off the water supply. If you have any angle stops that need replacing or other plumbing work that requires a water shut off, please contact XYG Plumbing (619-271-2916) so you can be added to the scheduled water shut off.  Management will send an email once all work is completed. If you are not sure if you have plumbing work that requires a water shut off, please contact Management before starting the work.


The Aria Board of Directors and Management know how frustrating water shutdowns are, not to mention the frustrations with post-shutdown complications with temperature balancing and debris. This is precisely the reason the Board approved the major project of replacing all the Riser Valves (168 Valves) in the building. The scope of this project is huge, so these major water shutdowns have been scheduled so the plumbers can replace these valves in the shortest reasonable timeframe. Once this project is complete, future water shutdowns (and the frustrations that follow them) will be reduced in both frequency and in the number of units/locations affected in each shutdown.

With faulty riser valves, if one unit has a leaking kitchen sink angle stop, all units in the zone might need to be without water to make this minor angle stop replacement.  With functioning Riser Valves, the shutdown to make this minor repair would be much more isolated. For example, if unit 1801 had to replace a leaking angle stop, without functioning riser valves, all units from 18-24 might have to be without water while a plumber made the repair. With functioning riser valves, if unit 1801 had a kitchen angle stop leak, the water shut down could be localized to only ’01-unit kitchens from floors 18-24.

Here is also a YouTube video for greater understanding of how these valves function: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txDANNh4_ME

A broken riser valve constitutes a valve that the handle does not control the ball or the ball valve no longer has a solid spherical side in its closed position and therefore cannot stop water flow.

Below you will find the upcoming riser valve replacement water shut offs. Tuesday, September 14th, is the regularly scheduled shut down for unit work. No unit plumbing should take place during the other water shutoffs. Please prepare to have enough drinkable water in your unit and potentially fill your tub so you have extra water available for flushing if needed during these shut offs. We appreciate your patience with this project.

Date of Shut DownAffected UnitsWork to be Completed
9am- 5pm Tuesday, September 6thLower Zone Floors 1-7Low Zone Riser Valves
9am- 5pm Thursday, September 8thLower Zone Floors 1-7Low Zone Riser Valves
9am- 5pm Tuesday, September 13thLower Zone Floors 1-7Low Zone Riser Valves
9am- 5pm Wednesday, September 14thMiddle Zone Floors 8-16Mid Zone Riser Valves
9am- 5pm Thursday, September 15thLow Zone Floors 1-7Low Zone Riser Valves
This schedule remains subject to change. If there are changes you will be notified with as much notice as possible.

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