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Balcony Reminders

Dear Aria Residents,

We would like to remind everyone of a few rules when utilizing their balconies in the building:

Pets: Aria is a pet friendly building! However, pets may not be left on the balcony unattended. If you are allowing your pet to utilize the balcony, please make sure to remove and clean any pet droppings that are on your balcony. In addition, please do not allow your pet to urinate off the balcony to wear it may land on someone else’s balcony. If you are going out of town, please find a dog sitter that will be watching your dog. If anything occurs while you are out of town, you are responsible for all your guests and any damages that occur from your guests or pets.

Gym Equipment: During the pandemic, residents were allowed to store and use gym equipment on their balcony. However, with the pandemic restrictions being lifted and the fitness center being reopened; residents will need to remove their gym equipment from their balcony. Management will start sending letters regarding this item if the equipment hasn’t already been removed.

Stored Items: Residents may not use their balcony to store wet towels, bags of recycling, surf boards, bicycles, etc. If you notice another resident with stored items on their balcony, please report it to Management.

Maintenance: Owners must use care when cleaning the surfaces of the balconies, decks, patios or roof terraces. Balcony, deck, patio or roof terrace surfaces must be mopped or cleaned in such a manner as to not cause any water to travel beyond the boundaries of the balcony, deck, patio or roof terrace.

Noise Concerns at Aria

Dear Aria Residents,

Management has received noise complaints from some residents at Aria, noting it sounds like weights and other heavy items being dropped inside the unit. As you may know, noise can travel far when living in a high-rise building. We ask that residents be courteous when utilizing electronics, musical instruments, working out, or moving furniture inside your unit.

Per the Aria Project Handbook, page 14 states, “The volume of radio, stereo sets, television and musical instruments shall be held at a reasonable level at all times so other residents are not disturbed. After 10:00 p.m. the volume must be significantly reduced so as not to disturb other residents.” In addition to audio volumes, on page 15 of the Aria Project Handbook, it states, “Speakers and floor supported musical instruments (i.e. pianos and organs), other than speakers installed by Declarant, must be properly isolated (as provided in the Architectural Guidelines and these Project Guidelines) from direct contact to floors and walls in order to minimize vibrations.”

Please be courteous to your surrounding neighbors and keep the noise level to a minimum. We appreciate your understanding with this rule reminder!

Homeless Reportings

Dear Aria Residents,

In the last couple of weeks, Management has received multiple reports regarding homeless individuals in the parking garage. Luckily, no damages were reported or seen after the homeless individuals were escorted out of the building. However, we would like to remind residents not to engage with any homeless or suspicious individuals in the building or parking garage. The most recent reports received by residents were homeless sightings in the stairwells. Please be cautious when using any of the stairwells or entering the elevator lobbies in the parking garage. If the patrol staff is not onsite, then you will need to contact SDPD for further assistance. If there is an emergency, please call 9-1-1. If it is a non-emergency call, please call (619) 531-2000.

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