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Association Offices Closed President’s Day: Monday, February 19

The Management and Engineering Offices will be closed on President’s Day, Monday, February 19. The Manager will respond to voice messages and emails upon her return the next business day.

Should you experience a property threatening emergency please call 800-400-2284.


Did you know that every after-hours emergency call residents make is answered by the Aria General Manager? An answering service will first take your initial call then forward it to the Manager to respond within an hour… regardless if it is an actual emergency or not. The General Manager than calls the resident back to give information.


  • Garage gate stuck closed or open. Access system to the building is not working. Lobby doors are not locking;
  • Flood or active leak into your unit or into the common area;
  • Fire in the building and/or emergency alarms sounding;
  • Someone trapped in an elevator.


  • Lock out of your unit or car (call a locksmith);
  • Your car was towed or someone else is parked in your space (call the tow company Western Towing – information is on the gate);
  • A clogged sink that is not flooding (call your own plumber);
  • Loud party or noise violation (call security or police);
  • “Beep” every few minutes from your a smoke alarm (change the battery);
  • One elevator not working (only an emergency if 2 or more elevators are shut-down);
  • Car broken into or stolen (call the police to file a report then email the Manager);


FOB Reader Replacement: Monday, February 12

The FOB reader located at the garage gate against the side wall will be replaced on Monday, February 12 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Please use your white card transponder to enter the gate during this time as the FOB reader will be disabled. Please show caution when driving in and out of the garage as technicians will be working in the area.




Living in an urban environment is unique and challenging for pet owners. Help your pooch be the most popular pup by following these helpful tips!

Keep it Clean: Accidents happen. When they do please clean it up as quickly as possible so other dogs don’t try to mark their territory in the same place.

Keep it Friendly: Dogs and owners have their own way of saying “hello.” To avoid any misunderstandings, be sure that Fido is always on a leash and that you are in control of all his encounters with other dogs and people.

Keep it Happy: When you’re away, your buddy misses you and may express their anxiety vocally.  Consider hiring a local dog walker or putting them in doggy day care a few times a week in order to socialize and keep them busy. Taking long walks and spending time at the local dog park may also get a lot of that excited energy out!

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