Handy House Tips: HVAC Air Filters

Posted By on June 2, 2017

HVAC Air Filters

Replacing the filter in your heating and air conditioning unit (HVAC) not only keeps the air clean in your unit but helps the life performance of your system. Depending on how often you use your HVAC depends on how often you should change the filter.

Start by learning the location of the air filter in your heating and cooling system. The most common air filters are wall or ceiling units. Many air handling units have slots to insert filters into the air flow. Although it takes less than a minute to change the filters, this is one of the most commonly overlooked details. Clean filters provide an even flow of clean air within your condo and reduces system operating costs.

  • Use the Correct Filter: Be sure to purchase the correct filter for your unit. Some filters are so tightly meshed that they actually starve the system of air. Ensure that the new filter is properly fitted so air is properly filtered and does not bypass the system. The air filter may be located in a wall or ceiling unit.
  • Maintenance: Change/clean the air filter. For reusable filters, vacuum and wash with detergent and water; allow filter to air dry before replacing it.
  • Frequency: Per the manufacturer’s recommendations(typically monthly during high use seasons)
  • Effects of Deferred Maintenance: Clogged filters can result in reduced airflow and colder supply temperature which may cause condensing units to automatically shut off, causing units to cycle excessively and reduce heating efficiency. These conditions have also been associated with damage from moisture condensation. Dirty filters can also cause streaking on the walls near vents.


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