Posted By on March 1, 2019

The winter season is the best time to have the annual preventative maintenance conducted to your unit’s HVAC (Heating Venting and Air Conditioning) system. Once the summer time hits, repairs and inspections can take weeks to months to schedule with a technician and can be far more expensive since it is the peek of the season. As your HVAC unit is now at least 10 years old, making sure that it is properly working before the heat waves hit, can ensure you stay cool during the summer. Just like your car needs regular maintenance (especially at 10 years old), be sure you treat your appliances with equal care. Your technician should be familiar with a water source heat pump system. Not all HVAC are built the same and require a technician to be specially trained in our type of system. PRO TIP: if the technician asks to go to the roof, he or she is not familiar with a water source heat pump system as the systems’ equipment are isolated to just your home.



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