Trash Chute Reminders

Posted By on December 1, 2020

Dear Aria Residents,

It was reported to Management that the trash chute was backed up and most items caught in the chute were not properly bagged and sealed. We understand that Thanksgiving was last week and many residents celebrated the holiday by cooking at home. However, throwing full-grown turkeys down the trash chute without is not safe or the proper way to throw away items in the building.

Please follow these tips to ensure the trash chute functions properly and you can continue to dispose of trash from the chute on your floor:

  • All trash should be bagged in a trash bag that is tied closed.  Do not put loose trash or trash in bags without a closure in the chute.
  • Oversized items like pizza boxes, large pieces of Styrofoam, or other items that can block the chute should be disposed of in the dumpsters on P1.
  • If the chute is clogged (you see trash sitting in the chute when you open the door), please do not place more trash in the chute.  Contact management and take your trash to the P1 dumpster until it the chute is unclogged.
  • Never throw loose glass bottles or containers, paint, or heavy items down the chute.  That can damage the metal wall and create issues with the trash chute that are extremely expensive to repair.

For recyclable material, if it will not fit in the bin on your floor, or if that bin is full, please take your recycling down to the dumpster on P1.  Do not leave boxes or other recyclables stacked in the trash chute room or outside your door.  Please make sure you break down your boxes before putting them into the recycling dumpster.

If you have a large item and need it removed, do not leave it next to the dumpsters on P1.  Contact management, who can assist with removal through Edco or a junk removal service.  The cost for this removal will be passed on to the homeowner.

Thank you for keeping the trash room and chute clean and functioning appropriately.


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