Locking Cars, Storage Units & Residential Units

Posted By on January 7, 2022

Please ensure that you are always taking precautions to protect your personal safety as well as that of your belongings. Please also remember to be extremely vigilant about your surroundings and notice if there are cars tailgating you into the garage or individuals you do not know following you into the building. Crime appears to be increasing in downtown San Diego and around the holidays theft is common. Please take measures to protect yourself and your possessions.

Please contact Management if you wish to add a deadbolt installation to your storage room. Please remember to always double check that your residential unit, storage room and vehicles are properly locked. Please also do not store your very most prized possessions in either your storage units or your cars.

If you have contents stolen or vandalism, we encourage you to make a police report online at https://www.sandiego.gov/police/crimereports/startaccess and also contact your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance about replacement.


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