Posted By on September 13, 2022

On Wednesday, September 14th, from 9am to 5pm we will have our regularly scheduled water shut off to accommodate necessary and preventative homeowner and association maintenance. The affected areas are as follows:

  • 1703-2403 washer and kitchen sink stacks
  • 1701-2401 bathroom and kitchen sink stacks
  • ALL UNITS of floors 8-16 (due to the on-going riser valve replacement project)

Water will be restored to these areas as soon as the scheduled unit work has been completed and the riser valves in this middle zone have been replaced. Management and Engineering want to strongly encourage owners and residents to take advantage of these scheduled water shut offs as an opportunity to replace original angle stops or plumbing fixtures, before they fail. There have been a handful of units that recently changed possession and have been found to still have original plumbing valves or fixtures.  A leaking sink or toilet without a functional angle stop could cause great damage to both your unit and the units below if a leak begins unexpectedly and an expensive emergency water shut off is needed after hours. If you are unsure if your angle stops are in good condition you can inspect the visual condition of the angle stops or have a plumber come check if the valves function properly and are able to completely turn off the water supply. If you have any angle stops that need replacing or other plumbing work that requires a water shut off, please contact XYG Plumbing (619-271-2916) so you can be added to the scheduled water shut off.  Management will send an email once all work is completed. If you are not sure if you have plumbing work that requires a water shut off, please contact Management before starting the work.


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