Manager’s Messages

Board meetings take place every 4th Monday of the month in the Amenities Room with Executive Session at 5:00 pm (closed to members) and Executive Session at 6:00 pm (open to homeowners). Should the day and/or time of the meetings change notices will be posted in the mailroom and elevator lobby bulletin boards.

Painting Elevator Vestibules and Trash Rooms


Starting Monday, February 6 through Friday, February 10 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm the elevator vestibules and trash rooms on each floor will be painted. Please be aware that walls may be wet.

About Garbage Disposals

Your Garbage Disposal and How to Properly Maintain it

Any plumber will tell you that the name ‘garbage disposal’ is very misleading as to what their function is. They are not designed to be a “garbage can” for your sink. Rather, when clearing plates all food should be first thrown away in the trash. Period. Only the last little bit of liquid should be left on your dishes before rinsing them off in the sink. With that said, garbage disposals are permanently lubricated and self-cleaning. Use a steady flow of cold water and allow the unit to run long enough to do a thorough job of pulverizing the waste and flushing it through.

  • NEVER Put these Down the Garbage Disposal: egg shells, coffee grounds, rice, peels of fruit or vegetables, meat products, or large chunks of ANYTHING!
  • Check for Leaks: Regularly check under the sink for leaks or dampness. If there is a leak, use a pan to catch water drips until it can be repaired. Make repairs as soon as possible to prevent water damage.
  • Tighten Pipes: Hand-tighten pipes only—do not use tools.
  • Use Cold Water: Do not use hot water to flush waste. NEVER put grease down the sink. Throw it away in the trash. Grease going down the drain hardens and clogs your pipes.
  • Restarting a Stopped Disposal: 1. Turn the disposal off and unplug the unit. 2. Remove all accessible waste from the disposal. 3. Wait one minute before pushing the RED reset button located on or near the bottom of the disposal. Refer to the manufacture’s documentation for location of the reset button. 4. Check the circuit breaker and reset, if necessary. 5. Plug the unit back in and turn the disposal switch to ON. If you hear a humming noise but the blades are not turning. Turn off the switch and unplug the unit. 6. Use the hex key that came with the garbage disposal to free the blades from obstruction. The key fits into a slot in the bottom center of the disposal. Insert the key in the slot and turn it back and forth. 7. Plug the unit back in. Torn on the disposal switch. IF the disposal fails to operate, call a qualified plumber for service. A jammed disposal is not covered under your Warranty.



labeled-boxes-1Getting ready to move into or out of Aria? Be sure to schedule your move with Management at least 7 days in advance to ensure you are able to reserve a spot!

Download the application by Clicking Here. You will need to submit the Move Application and a $150.00 returnable holding deposit check to Management in order for your date and time to be reserved. Further details are available on the Move Guidelines and Form packet.

Universal Recycling Station

Residents may now have a safe way to recycle light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges, and cell phones without paying special handling fees! Introducing the Universal Recycling Station located on P1 of the garage.


Universal Recycle Station


Throwing away bulbs, batteries, and electronics in the regular trash is harmful to the environment. The chemicals inside are toxic and should be recycled in a safe manner. Our Universal Recycle Station makes it free and convenient for residents to safely dispose of these types of materials. Please note that this is NOT a bin for recycling cans, bottles or cardboard. Please continue to use the regular recycle bins by the trash chutes for these items.


Accepts light bulbs, ink cartridges, batteries, and small electronic devices such as cell phones

We ask that if you are going to recycle items to please walk it over to the bin. The area on P1 in which it is located is a No Parking Zone and vehicles stopping, even momentarily, may block other residents from being able to enter their parking spaces.  The bin is visible from the garage entry gate and just pass the trash bins on the south wall.

Change Your Smoke Detector Battery


Have you ever noticed that your smoke detector battery ALWAYS starts to chirp in the middle of the night? A good rule of thumb is to replace the battery once a year to avoid this obnoxious reminder. Depending on the make and model of your smoke detector, most require a 9 volt battery. For life-safety reasons, NEVER disconnect your smoke detector.

For step-by-step instructions on how to replace your smoke detector battery please CLICK HERE


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