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Board meetings take place every 4th Monday of the month in the Amenities Room with Executive Session at 5:00 pm (closed to members) and Executive Session at 6:00 pm (open to homeowners). Should the day and/or time of the meetings change notices will be posted in the mailroom and elevator lobby bulletin boards.

New Organic Waste Recycling Program at ARIA (by Recycling Bin & Dumpster on P1)

Organic Waste Materials

California State Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383), requires the reduction of organic waste disposed of in landfills. Organic waste is food scraps and food-soiled paper from kitchens and food operations and yard waste such as garden and landscape waste, organic textiles and carpets and wood waste:

In order to comply with SB 1383, and to make San Diego a more sustainable and thriving place for everyone, at ARIA we are pleased to introduce a new Organic Waste Recycling program by EDCO for Aria Residents. The program – which represents the biggest change to trash and recycling in San Diego’s history – supports the City’s Zero Waste and Climate Action Plan goals.

Please watch EDCO’s Commercial Food Waste Recycling informative video to learn more about EDCO’s new Organics Recycling Program and how it will significantly impact the future of organic waste: Please learn more here:

For additional information about organic waste recycling, what items can go in the new green bin, and other vital details, please refer to and the City of San Diego’s Organic Waste Recycling Frequently Asked Questions page.

Organic Waste Recycling Webinars and Workshops

Reason for Changes

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, organic waste accounts for a significant portion of California’s waste stream. Left to decompose in landfills, the organic waste releases methane, a gas that traps the sun’s heat, warms the atmosphere and contributes to climate change. Organic waste in landfills also emits air pollutants such as fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), which contributes to health conditions like asthma. To address this issue, Senate Bill 1383 was signed into law and targets the reduction of pollutants, including methane. Cities throughout California must meet the new reduction limits through organic waste reduction and recycling.

Collection and Recycling

Collection recycling

Implementing Senate Bill 1383 requires extensive procedural changes and significant coordination. The City of San Diego is developing collection operations, amending agreements with non-exclusive franchise haulers, amending the City’s municipal code, enacting building requirements, preparing enforcement responsibilities and strategizing public education and outreach efforts. Participation in this exciting new organic waste recycling program is vital to San Diego’s future.

Food and yard waste collected will be recycled using:

  • Composting facilities that make soil amendments, materials that are added to soil to change and improve it.
  • Anaerobic digestion facilities, technology and microorganisms break down organic waste in closed spaces where there is no oxygen and create renewable natural gas.


Harbor Club HOA (100 & 200 HARBOR DR, SAN DIEGO) is hosting a mobile blood drive on Monday January 23rd from 9AM to 3PM .  It is open to the downtown community.  You can either schedule an appointment or walk ins are welcome also.Parking spaces are available on the J Steet Cul-de-sac.  You may schedule an appointment

If this is your first time donating please review our FAQs. Please read all COVID-19 blood donation restrictions related to symptoms, exposure, vaccinations, masks and travel outside California here.


Assessments are increasing January 1, 2023. Please login to your resident portal at to subscribe to E-Statements for email notifications of your monthly billing and also saves the Association money. You can also enroll in AutoPay so you don’t have to remember to login to your bank’s bill-pay system monthly!


If you purchase a bike during the holidays, please make sure that you store it either inside your unit or register the bike with Management for a permit to store it inside the bike room on P1. Bicycles cannot be stored on your balcony/patio or in your parking space.  Before the end of the year, Management will be conducting an audit of the bike room. If you have a bike already stored in the bike room and do not have a permit sticker, please visit the Management office during business hours to properly register your bicycle. If you would like to be a step ahead, please complete the application that can be found in the Resident Portal under Forms. This document must be turned into Management before you can receive a permit.


Around the holidays there often are some great deals for new appliances and furniture. If you find yourself purchasing an upgrade, please make sure you are following the proper procedure and reaching out to Management at to provide your vendor’s Certificate of Insurance and schedule your delivery so that the padded elevator can be provided. Please also note that your deliveries will need to enter via the side gate just beyond the garage entrance, which is FOB only, so you should plan on escorting your delivery team to make sure they have FOB access and safely make it through the hallways without making damage to the common area.


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