Manager’s Messages

Board meetings take place every 4th Monday of the month in the Amenities Room with Executive Session at 5:00 pm (closed to members) and Executive Session at 6:00 pm (open to homeowners). Should the day and/or time of the meetings change notices will be posted in the mailroom and elevator lobby bulletin boards.


Residents will be taking time to spruce up the lobby level with holiday décor on Thursday, December 1st at 6:30 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering or joining in for some hot cocoa, cookies and holiday cheer courtesy of your HOA Social Committee, please meet at the lobby at 6:30 p.m.

Report to Aria HOA from Clean & Safe Informational 10/27/22

Your HOA board and homeowners met with representatives from the Downtown Partnership Clean & Safe program on October 27, 2022 and discussed the services that they provide to Aria Condominiums and the surrounding community. During the past year they provided maintenance and safety ambassadors to keep the Cortez neighborhood clean, safe and thriving.

There was a lot of interest in the C&S beautification program that created and installed colorful banners, corner planters, hanging baskets, pole-to-pole lighting and now a new mural just installed at 3rd and Cedar. At your request, C&S’ Director of Safety Services has added your GM, Morgan, to the list that receives notice of C&S safety network meetings.

Meeting attendees had these comments and questions:

  • They enjoy receiving Cortez Community Group (CHARG) newsletters and are happy that CHARG works closely with Clean & Safe on beautification, but they miss the Clean & Safe walkabouts that occurred prior to the pandemic
  • Homeowners loved the new Belly trash cans and would love to have more. They liked the foot pedals that open the cans make make them safe to use
  • A homeowner expressed concern that an additional doggie station is needed at 9th and Beech. Ernesto Romo, C&S director of maintenance services, is contacting Morgan about this.
  • It was noted that you’ve had to contact Caltrans on numerous occasions about care of the property adjoining Aria
  • There was concern about the upkeep of Tweet Street Park. Residents were happy to hear about the volunteer program and CHARG clean-up, but they feel that new playground equipment is needed
  • Of course, homelessness is a big concern. Aria is very close to the tents and sidewalk encroachment on 9th near the AT&T building

Clean and Safe made everyone aware of the new APP that enables residents to get even faster response to inquiries. That link is below.

Information was provided on the 777 Beech project at 7th Ave. and the CHW affordable housing development at 9th. Clean & Safe is putting Morgan in touch with the CHW point person.

Attendees thanked Clean & Safe for its good work. They look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Clean & Safe.

Clean & Safe contacts:

• Ernesto Romo, Director of Maintenance Services:

• Dani Garcia, Director of Safety Services:

• Sean Warner, Director of Community Enhancement:

• Alonso Vivas, ED Clean & Safe:

For service requests:

• Call the Clean & Safe office: 619-234-8900

• Evening: 619-414-2698 (Text)

• Email:

• Online: Request Services – Downtown San Diego Partnership

C&S brochure with QR code for ap:

Learn more: Keeping Downtown Vibrant – Downtown San Diego Partnership

SDPD Community Relations Officer, Larry Turner: 619-744-9514

SD County Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT): 1-888-724-7240

Elected Official Contacts:

• Emily Bonner, Office of Council Member Stephen Whitburn, Community Relations: 619-236-6633

• Kohta Zaiser, Office of Mayor Todd Gloria, Community Relations: 619-235-5839

Get It Done | City of San Diego Official Website

2022 Annual Meeting Election Results

Ballot Box, the duly appointed Inspector of Election at the Adjourned Annual Meeting of the Aria Homeowners Association, a California, nonprofit, Mutual-Benefit Corporation, held on November 21, 2022, compiled an official Election Results Report:
• The number of members in good standing and entitled to vote on matters reported below was 137.
• In accordance with the Bylaws, I determined that a quorum of 25% of the voting power was reached.
• I reviewed the registration and all ballots received.
• I received thirty-eight (38) valid, signed ballot return envelopes containing thirty-eight (38) ballots.
• One (1) additional ballot return envelope received was determined to be invalid.
• I determined the authenticity, validity and effect of each of the ballots.
• I determined all challenges and questions in any way arising in connection with the right to vote.
• The two (2) candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve for a two (2) year term until the 2024 Annual Meeting. I counted and tabulated the votes as follows:
James Jones 49
Harry Windle 27
James Jones 2024
Harry Windle 2024
Yes 36
No 1
Abstain 1
Yes 36
No 1
Abstain 0

Aria Safety Reminders

During the holiday season we tend to see an uptick in theft downtown. Please do what you can to keep yourself and your neighbors safe.

  • Do not allow people you do not know into the building.
  • Utilize the side gate on the northside of the building adjacent to the garage to enter when you can to avoid opportunists trying to tailgate you into the front door.
  • Take care to ensure your vehicles are locked with nothing valuable stored inside.
  • Pay attention to your package tracking information to promptly bring your parcels in once delivered.

We also tend to have homeless that try to shelter under the garage entrance or by the southwest stairwell in colder and wet weather. Please ensure you are aware of your surroundings when entering the garage and report any suspicious behavior. You also should make sure you have Clean & Safe’s number handy: 619-234-8900 or in the evenings via text at 619-414-2698. Clean & Safe’s Homeless Outreach team responds in approximately 30 minutes or less to nonemergency homeless reports.  Please review the 11-14-22 Newsletter’s event summary from the recent Clean & Safe informational event and review the brochure here: which includes a QR code for the Clean & Safe app.


As the year is ending, Management and the Board have been reviewing the financials and budget performance and found San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) bills to be one of the major shortfalls of the 2022 budget. While the 2022 Budget increased for electricity and hoped for savings associated with the hallway LED project, the decreased average of kwh was insufficient for SDGE’s steep increases in their Delivery Charges and San Diego Community Power’s Electricity Generation Charges.
Traditionally, electricity generations charges have gone up by a few pennies per kWh between summer and winter months, but from 2021 to 2022 SDGE’s delivery charges went up by $11.56/kW and their kWh fees based almost doubled as well. This coupled with increased Electrical General up by $.02/kWh as well, has caused Aria’s electricity bills to be tracking $16,706 over budget year to date.
The Board and Management have reviewed the 2023 Budget, spoke with SDGE, and teleconferenced with other downtown San Diego high rise managers to best prepare for these continuing increases to electrical costs. Unfortunately, these rates, and their further increases in 2023 and beyond, are actually making the news.
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, has San Diego’s price per kilowatt hour outpacing neighbor counties of Los Angeles and Riverside by 34%. And Utility Consumers’ Action Network (UCAN)’s Executive Director states San Diego’s “price per kilowatt is the highest in the country. ” (Read more at the article here:
In response to their customer’s growing frustrations, San Diego Gas and Electric has recently published an article with their explanation of the reasoning behind their forecasted price increases beginning in January of 2023. Their article cites 1) Higher use of renewable energy to address climate change 2) Wildfire safety program development 3) CA state technology subsidies increasing electricity costs for non-solar customers 4) Legislative mandates that account for about 24% of electricity rates and 5) Improvements making the power grid more reliable during hot weather as their main reasons for why SDGE surpasses it’s competitors in rates. (Read more at their article here:
The Board is deciding to make reduction of electricity use a major priority in order to combat these rising costs and its direct impact on the homeowners at Aria. Management and the Board are reviewing consultants that work to reduce electrical output of major components and are continuing to make changes to improve Aria’s routine electrical use. 


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