Manager’s Messages

Board meetings take place every 4th Monday of the month in the Amenities Room with Executive Session at 5:00 pm (closed to members) and Executive Session at 6:00 pm (open to homeowners). Should the day and/or time of the meetings change notices will be posted in the mailroom and elevator lobby bulletin boards.

Rental Requirements – Reminder

As we approach the summer, some of you may be considering leasing your unit. Please be sure to consider the below rules from the Aria Project Handbook pertaining to the RENTAL OF CONDOMINIUMS (heavy fines apply for noncompliance!):
  1. Rental. An Owner is entitled to rent their Condominium for a term of not less than thirty (30) days. The Owner shall be responsible for all actions of the tenant and shall comply with the following guidelines.
  2. Written Lease or Rental Agreement. Any rental or leasing agreement shall be in writing, shall provide that the lease or rental is subject to the Governing Documents and shall provide that any failure to comply with any provision of the Declaration or the Governing Documents shall be a default under the terms of the lease agreement. A copy of any lease agreement shall be provided to the Association.
  3. Compliance with Governing Documents. A copy of the Governing Documents, including this Project Handbook shall be provided by the Owner to each tenant. The leasing Owner is responsible for its tenant’s compliance with all of the provisions of the Declaration and Project Handbook pursuant to the occupancy and use of the Condominium at all times.
  4. Property Manager Notification. All Owners who rent their Condominiums must notify the Property Manager within seven (7) days of signing a lease agreement. At the time of notification, such Owner will be provided a “Lease Acknowledgement Form” to certify (i) that such Owner acknowledges and accepts he/she remains responsible for its tenant’s compliance with the terms of this Project Handbook and all other Governing Documents pursuant to the occupancy and use of the Condominium; and (ii) that the lease or rental agreement complies with all the requirements set forth in this section. The Lease Acknowledgment Form must be filled out and signed by the leasing Owner and all its tenants.
  5. Association Amenities. Except to the extent reasonably necessary to enforce its rights under a rental or lease agreement, an Owner shall have no personal privileges to use the Association Property, including all the recreational amenities at ARIA. Each leasing Owner’s rights to use the amenities at the Project transfer to the tenant during the entire term of a rental or lease agreement. However, a leasing Owner retains limited rights to access into the Common Area to the extent necessary to enforce the terms of its rental or lease agreement.
  6. Insurance. All Owners should ensure their tenants maintain the appropriate renter’s insurance in sufficient amounts to cover the cost of replacement of all such tenants’ personal property and liability at the Project during the entire term of their respective lease agreements. Since each insurance carrier may vary in policy, it is each Owner’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate type of insurance for such Owner’s Condominium while it is leased and that the form of such insurance, including all coverage amounts, complies with such Owner’s obligations under the applicable Governing Documents. Depending on the insurance carrier, an Owner may be required to change their property insurance coverage to a commercial or other type of business policy as dictated by such Owner’s individual insurance carrier. Neither the Association, nor the Property Manager, may advise you on such matters.
  7. No Hotel, etc. No Condominium may be rented for hotel, motel or transient purposes or for any other purpose inconsistent with the Declaration.
  8.   Advertisement of Units for Rent. Owners may advertise their Condominium for rent or lease to the general public provided that the advertisement is not in violation of the minimum rental terms set forth in this Project Handbook and the Declaration. Any advertisement of any kind that is in violation of the minimum rental terms, shall be subject to an immediate fine in the amount of $5,000.00. The Owner in violation shall be notified by the Association of the violation and fine in writing, the fine shall be applied immediately to the Owner’s Association account, and the Owner shall be offered the opportunity to attend a hearing before the Board to contest the fine. If the offending advertisement is not removed by the Owner within seven (7) days from the date of written notification from the Board, another fine in the amount of $5,000.00 shall be immediately applied to the Owner’s Association account. These fines shall continue to be levied on a weekly basis for so long as the offending advertisement remains in place.

9.     Tenants Move-Ins/Move-Outs.  All homeowners and tenants must schedule an orientation with management prior to reserving a moving date with the Association.  All moves need to be done in strict conformance with the move-in/move-out and delivery procedures set forth herein.



THURSDAY 5/25 P1 & P2 AND FRIDAY 5/26 P3 & P4

Please prepare to vacate your parking spaces for the upcoming power washing. By moving your vehicle, the power washers are able to best clean both your parking spot and all of the surrounding areas.

Schedule for vacating parking spaces:

  • 5/24 – All parking spaces with staining (for pre-treatment)
  • 5/25 – All parking spaces on P1 and P2
  • 5/26 – All parking spaces on P3 and P4


Have you ever wondered if your toilet is wasting water? Well, Management has leak detector tablets in the office on P1 for any resident that is interested in finding out! The instructions are simple and it takes less than 30 minutes to determine if you have a leak.

If you have a leak, you will most likely need to rebuild your toilet tank or replace the flapper. In order to rebuild your toilet tank or replace the flapper, you will need to shut off the water to your toilet using the angle stops near the bottom of your toilet. If your angle stops do not turn, please do not try shutting the water off, as this may cause them to break or cause a leak in your bathroom. The replacement of your angle stops requires a water shut off and a licensed plumber, preferably one with experience in a high-rise building.

Building-Wide Water Shut Down – Booster Pump Installation

A building-wide water shut down has been rescheduled to 8am-5pm on Wednesday, April 12th for the purpose of replacing the Booster Pump System. This Booster Pump system is a very sophisticated pump system that drives water vertically at high pressure so that the water you receive above the third floor is at the same pressure as it is close to the ground floor. This equipment is being replaced as it is at the age requiring replacement and because the current pump size is utilizing a higher amount of electricity than needed to perform the job required. This system is being replaced in advance of it truly failing as complete equipment failure would render the units above the 3rd floor with severely reduced pressure to no water pressure at all. And preventative replacement was advised as the lead time for ordering the pump system was over twelve weeks! The Aria Board of Directors and Management know how frustrating water shutdowns are but large HOA system maintenance and replacements do still require major water shutdowns. We ask your patience with this shut down in order to accomplish this major improvement.



Annually the Association publishes the Association Audit and copies are mailed to each homeowner. To save the Association money you can Consent to Electronic Mailing Preference for Association Documents (§4041). To provide your consent

Login to your resident portal at, and click this orange “Update”” button on the homepage to complete the form electronically and select email delivery as part of your Civil Code §4041 address verification process. (§4041 requires homeowners to annually verify their address or addresses to which notices from the association are to be delivered.) Please sign up for email consent ASAP on your resident portal as the Audit will be physically printed and mailed at the end of April to anyone who has not provided Email Consent.

 Another way you can save the Association money is to sign up for E-Statements.

Within your resident portal click the green “Sign Up Today!” button on the homepage to enroll your email address and get your monthly assessment billing statement by email instead of by mail. The more owners we can get signed up for email delivery, the lower the cost of distribution of things like budgets and audits will be to the association as the cost of Electronic Mailings is going down as the fee for mailing paper is going up. Owners can now select a secondary email address for notice along with a primary email address.


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